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About Us

With over 20 years experience, McNaughton Dynamics Limited (MDL) supplies both civil and military aircraft organisations with an exclusive, innovative range of gas systems for use in ground support equipment applications.

From Nitrogen and Oxygen servicing units based on the successful range of Zwick cryogenic servicing units to Fast Tyre Fill units ideal for low-cost commercial airlines, MDL innovations eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional gas supply systems, improving cost, time and safety.

Nitrogen Servicing Units

Using the same technology as the highly successful Zwick range of cryogenic units, McNaughton Nitrogen servicing units supply large quantities of Nitrogen quickly, for use in the tyres, struts and accumulators. Ideal for all types of aircraft. Click here for applications for commercial aircraft, or here for military applications.

Oxygen Servicing Units

McNaughton Oxygen servicing units, also based on the Zwick range of cryogenic units, supply Oxygen for storage in both liquid and gaseous form; for use by pilots and passengers to breathe at high altitudes. Click here for further details.

Sidewinder Recharging Units

Developed initially by Zwick, these units provide a quick and easy supply of Nitrogen to the Sidewinder missile Nitrogen cylinder and ground test sets; for use in cooling seeker heads on Sidewinder missiles. Click here for further details. Click here for further details.

Please browse through our site for more information on cryogenic Oxygen and Nitrogen servicing units based on Zwick technology as well as Sidewinder Recharging Units for both military and commercial airline applications.