A major Irish Low Cost Airline uses Fast Tyre Fill Unit (FTF) for quick tyre charge!

Every night of the year, a major low cost airline at Stansted services approximately 40 of its aircraft. The high usage of the aircraft means the airline has a high turnover of tyres. During each night shift, these tyres are delivered at 30 psi / 2 bar and require full inflation to their operating pressure of 220 psi / 15 bar before fitting to the aircraft.

Fast Tyre FillTo provide the large quantity of Nitrogen gas required to fill the tyres, engineers used cylinder trolleys. However, one cylinder has the capacity to fill only four tyres, so engineers had to transport and change four or five cylinders airside every night and transport the empty cylinders landside for collection by BOC. As this was proving to be a time consuming, labour intensive and potentially hazardous task, the airline worked together with McNaughton Dynamics to find a better solution. The McNaughton Dynamics Ltd Fast Tyre Fill (FTF) unit was the result.

The FTF unit is filled with 300 Litres of Liquid Nitrogen that is stored in a 400psi / 27 bar cryogenic tank. Some of the liquid is used to pressurise the tank to provide a continuous supply of pressure. The remaining liquid is vaporised into gas and delivered to the control panel for distribution to the tyres through two separate hoses and control valves. Each of the two systems is fitted with 50 ft / 15 metre extendable hoses with a gauge, relief valve, shutoff valve and quick release Schrader tyre adaptor fitted at the hose end.

The low cost airline started using the new FTF unit immediately and the Ground Crew are delighted with the new system: “The efficiency of our Wheel and Brake crew has improved dramatically since the introduction of the Fast Tyre Fill Unit. The crew no longer waste their time moving heavy cylinders and can concentrate their efforts on servicing the aircraft. The tyre fills are quicker, cost less and the tyres cannot possibly be over pressurised to bursting point.”